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My wife and I Really Enjoyed your House. Best This Year. We Did Universal and Night terrors in Jax. You Guys Were The Best. can't wait for next year  - David Sprole


went to warehouse 31 last night. was the most awesome thing EVA!!!!!!!!!!! bought the shirt and im so braggin bout this at skool :D  - Erin Pait


Absolutely a scary fun time! Thanks to Warehouse 31 for making my 13 yr old scream like the girl she is! She wants to go back tomorrow...and the next day...and is already planning for next year...this may well be a new family tradition.  - Julia Doyle


OMG! Rigamortis was my favorite! The "living chair" was especially CRAZY!!! I look forward to what you'll have in store for us in 2012. I'm sure it will only get CRAZIER!!!  - Lauren D Lyman


I had soooo much fun w/ my bruh Freddie Wright.  The Eternal Abyss was so creepy, 3D clown maze was very innovative, and I thought I'd never get out of Rigamortis! Definitely planning on coming back next year!  - Drea Michelle


Wow! So much more than I expected. Best 3-D Art I have ever seen. If you have not gone, Do It!  - D.d. Stein


HAD A GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT...YES I AM "KRIIISSTIIIIIIIIIIN".....LOL OMG I WAS LIKE DID THEY SAY MY NAME?" FELT like all them clowns were gaining up on me haha!  THANKS TO my sis in law who worked there Nefertiti Townes..haha GREAT JOB U GUYS!!!  - Kristina Ryan Townes


Great time last night! Thanks for the scares!  - Josh Monahan


Warehouse 31!!!! Ur amazing!!! I had soo much fun saturday with my 2 bestfriends!!!! Going next year!!! :)  - Victoria Paige Parker


You owe me a drycleaning bill----I peed my pants!  I'll be back next week. :)  - Lauren Hines


This is the best Haunt I've ever been to! The smells in the autopsy room are surreal and the costumes are the sickest ever!!! If you want a good scare this is the place!!!  - Katina Coffey




By far the best haunted house!!  - Brandi Troxell


Can't wait to go for the 3rd year in a row, lots of fun!  - Kim Roberts Edwards


Was really cool, better than expected.  - Danny Piester


This is going to be scary and cool... and scary...  - Armand Rosamilia


Everyone needs to make the drive up. Absolutely unforgettable experience!  - Jeff VanWinkle


Went the past 2 years and love it. Now its like a tradition we must see it every year me and my 3 daughters  - Amy Kast Cain


oh my gosh that doctor x guy scared the crap out of me cuz he stalked me through half the thing  - Marcus Franklin



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