30 years ago, a terrible accident at the Pelham meat-packing warehouse led dozens of workers to an untimely demise. Such a grievous loss of life left the warehouse with no choice but to shut down permanently.


The old warehouse lay dormant for years, its crumbling walls and chained up doors a monument to it’s macabre past.


Today, disrespectful of the buildings past, the youth of Pelham  have taken to frequently trespassing on the property, causing something to stir once more within the forgotten halls of the warehouse.


Unbeknownst to the people of Pelham, those killed in the warehouse accident are back, and they aren’t happy that they have uninvited guests.

tHE twisted nurse

The Twisted Nurse wasn’t always so twisted. She would often treat injuries that occurred at the warehouse- she was kind, she didn’t like to see people suffer.


That all changed when she was killed in the accident. Although her charred corpse was removed from the debris, her soul stayed behind.


Now, all she knows is suffering, and she aims to inflict as much of it as possible on the many trespassers at the old warehouse.

tHE Butcher

The Butcher was one of dozens killed in the meat-packing warehouse accident.


A hulk of a man, he always carries his favorite meat hook-  large and rusty, it hangs from a chain down to it’s double sided barbs.


In life, he was a talented butcher; none could flay a carcass nearly as fast as he could. He desired above all else to better his skill of the craft.


In death, however, The Butcher desires but one thing. More meat to rip, to tear. Where it comes from matters not, and with trespassers snooping around the warehouse, there’s no short supply of meat for The Butchers hook.

tHE Other Victims

The remainder of the lost souls in the warehouse are also all victims of the meat-packing warehouse accident. These tortured souls grieve and cope in many ways, their souls often manifesting as all manner of disorders, disfigurations, creatures, beasts, horrors, and anything in between.


As diverse as these souls are, they are united in cause. The warehouse is theirs, and trespassers will be dealt with.


The few surviving trespassers have claimed the very foundation of the warehouse shifts and changes, warping it’s many rooms into unrecognizable locations.