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January 15, 2016

 Tickets for Bloody Valentine 2016 OnSale !!!!!

Tickets for the 2016 edition for the Warehouse31 Bloody Valentine are now on sale. Make your plans now to have one of the most unique Valentine's experiences in the Birmingham area. Please visit our ticket page to get more info and to be one of the first to get your tickets for this awesome event. 

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November 01, 2015

 Don't Miss Bloody Valentine 2016 !!!!!

The last two years our Bloody Valentine event has been such a huge hit we are extending it to Three nights for 2016.

If you have a date then bring them and if you don't have a date come with friends or alone. Bloody Valentine's is a fun alternative to the traditional Valentine's festivities.

Come experience a Haunted addition of Love Gone Wrong. Friday, Saturday and Sunday February 12, 13 and 14th.

Check back soon for more details.

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November 01, 2015

 Thank You 2015 !!!!!

We are now closed for the season. Thank you so much to all of you who came out and experienced Birmingham's Best Haunted Attraction. We had an amazing year. The Zombie Paintball and Carnival games were a huge success. The changes we made inside the attraction also received great reviews. Our customers mean everything to us and we truly appreciate you coming to us to live out your nightmares. Come back and see us in February for the Bloody Valentine.


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October 08, 2015

 Zombie Paintball Now Open !!!!!

Come join us every Friday & Saturday night for Zombie Paintball. For just $10.00 to can board a trailer mounted with paintball guns and take a tour of the old lumber yard. 

Join us for "Rescue from The Walking Dead- A Paintball Zombie Mission". You must keep ZOMBIES at bay using your personal gun turret as you are guided through the ZOMBIE infested spool factory. Hungry walkers will relentlessly stalk you throughout your mission to rescue two scientists who were trapped inside while traveling with the only known vial of antidote. Can you defend yourselves and make it out alive with the cure?


You will climb aboard a trailer where you will find your seat and gun already mounted and ready to defend your mission. You will be given 100 rounds of ammunition in which to use to fight off these walking dead. You will be to

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